Elliot EntisElliot Entis, Co-Founder, Chairman, President, and CEO of A/F Protein, has been responsible for securing the technology on which the Company's commercial interests are based, developing the scientific consulting team, managing the financings completed, and negotiating the first license for AquAdvantage Salmon production. Mr. Entis' current efforts involve further licensing of AquAdvantage Salmon production to aquaculture companies worldwide, and the management of corporate relationships pursuant to evaluation of AFP technology in the context of agriculture and food-processing. Mr. Entis completed his undergraduate education at Harvard and received an M.A. from UC-Berkeley in 1971.
Dr. Micheal D. ErismanDr. Michael D. Erisman, Vice President, Science and Technology , began his career as an academic scientist, having conducted basic research at Duke University and the Fox Chase Cancer Center for nearly ten years. Prior to joining A/F Protein in 1996, Mike held a variety of management positions over a period of eight years in the pharmaceutical-biotechnology industry comprising strategic planning, business development, technology evaluation and licensing, preclinical-clinical program planning and operations management, and the preparation-submission-defences of regulatory filings for market approval. His responsibilities at A/F Protein are a composite of those functions with emphasis on business development and strategic planning, with a supporting role in the design and execution of R&D; programs for protein-based applications. Mike completed his undergraduate education at Cornell and received a Ph.D. from UC-San Diego in 1978.
Ronald m. slateRonald M. Slate, Chief Operating Officer, joined A/F Protein in 2002 with 25 years of marketing and communications experience in the high tech sector. Most recently (1994-2001), he was Vice President of Global Communications for EMC Corporation, a world leader in information storage systems. He has led corporate team efforts to deliver more than 50 technology products to market and build major corporate brands. Ron is responsible for A/F Protein’s general operations, strategic planning, penetration of its targeted business applications, negotiation of worldwide licences, market and promotion, and launching and running of A/F’s ancillary distribution effort. He did his graduate studies at Stanford University and the University of Wisconsin.
Dr. Choy L. Hew Dr. Choy L. Hew, Co-Founder, Director, and Scientific Consultant. Dr. Hew is Head of Biology at the National University of Singapore. His current research efforts are focused on protein structure and function, proteomics, gene regulation and the application of biotechnology in agro- and human health-care industries. Dr. Hew is an internationally recognized expert on antifreeze proteins and, with Dr. Fletcher, he was one of the first scientists to describe a method to isolate AFPs from fish plasma. Dr. Hew is the author or co-author of several books and numerous papers on fish antifreeze proteins, and he has organized national and international workshops on AFPs and the molecular endocrinology of fish. He is also the co-inventor (with Dr. Fletcher) of the transgene used to develop the rapidly-growing salmon being produced by Aqua Bounty Technologies. Dr. Hew received his Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia.
Dr. Boris RubinskyDr. Boris Rubinsky, Co-Founder, Director, and Consultant to A/F Protein, is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at UC-Berkeley. Dr. Rubinsky discovered many of the cryoprotective properties of AFPs and is the inventor of issued patents claiming those and related uses. Boris was also a founder of Cryomedical Sciences, Inc., a publicly traded company, with a market value of over $200 MM. Dr. Rubinsky received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in 1980 and has conducted research in cryobiology since 1977. His work has been recognized through numerous scientific honours, including the Whitaker Foundation Research and Larson Memorial Awards.
Dr. Garth L. Fletcher Dr. Garth Fletcher, Co-Founder, Director, and Corporate Vice President of A/F Protein Inc., and President of A/F Protein Canada Inc., has conducted basic and applied research on fish antifreeze proteins and transgenic fish for over twenty five years. His team have conducted research into the physiology, histology, molecular biology and genetics of antifreeze production with the overall goal of elucidating the mechanisms of production and functional significance of the antifreeze proteins in cold-temperate teleost fish species. Garth, in collaboration with Dr. Choy Hew, pioneered and patented the development of transgenic salmon with improved freeze resistance and accelerated growth rates. In addition to his position with A/F Protein, Garth is also Professor Emeritus at the Ocean Sciences Centre of Memorial University of Newfoundland. He has published over 175 peer reviewed scientific papers and has been an invited speaker at numerous national and international meetings. He has served on the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada's Animal Physiology Grant Selection Committee, and on the Scientific Management Committee of the National Centre of Excellence for Ocean Productivity and Enhancement (OPEN). Dr. Fletcher was awarded the Dr. A. R. Cox Faculty of Medicine Award, the Memorial University Award for outstanding research. Garth received his Ph.D. from UC - Santa Barbara in 1967.

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